Finding yourself spending a lot of time switching between different sites in Google Analytics™? Spending hours compiling information about your sites in spreadsheets? Do you wish you could go to one place and instantly find out how all your websites are doing?

  • Analyze groups of sites

    Compare and analyze portfolios of web sites. Group them any way you like and compare totals and averages

  • All sites in one place

    Save hours by viewing key metrics for all sites in table form - sortable and easy to compare.

  • All data in one place

    View analytics data, social data, domain information, seo data and page speed data in one report.

  • Long term trends

    Focus on long term performance - instantly see trends for the last two years and get forcasts for the future.

  • Find information fast

    Powerful and easy to work with - made for comparing and inspecting large number of sites.

  • View the way you prefer

    View on your smartphone or tablet and download data for Excel or print nice looking reports.

  • No setup

    There in nothing to install and no code to insert in your pages. Sign up and view data in under a minute.

  • No configuration

    Nothing to fill in or configure. We find all your sites automatically, just select the ones you want us to keep track of.

  • Secure

    We use 256-bit AES encryption for all communication and use Google's official permission system to connect your account.